A letter to ‘Later’ (my future self) as I grow a year older today.

You’re closer now.
I can see you in the distance.
The picture is getting clearer,
The vision’s starting to make sense.

In this moment I feel content.
My mind is at ease,
My heart reacquainted with Peace.
I’m glad I didn’t give up when I could.
I’m glad I’m still here waiting to meet you.

I can see myself again –
The kid, the dreamer.
I’ve fallen in love with me again.
Lately I no longer trust my fears.
I’m seeing my dreams come true.
I’m beginning to trust you.


Real EP by Ivan Irakoze is the real definition of love


Such a wonderfully written review of the REAL EP launch. Thank you, Joy!


Our first proper meeting was about a year ago. We had drinks at a coffee shop near our beloved alma mater and talked all about art and poetry. Does it matter if they were alcoholic or non?

Yes, Ivan Irakoze and I have history.

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‘REAL’ EP Artwork & Tracklist


I’m releasing my first EP and here’s artwork! The EP has features by Nicole Agneta and is entirely produced by CmoneY.

📷: Kyansimire Oroni
Artwork: Kelvin Kaesa

Get your tickets to the August 18th release show and you’ll get a promo code to purchase the EP at a discount 🙌🏾

Get your tickets here:

Ivan Irakoze – Day of the Dead Girl

Spoken Word Performances, Videos

Watch my performance of ‘Day of the Dead Girl’ at the previous Ink Overflow show. I don’t know how you’ll feel about it, but I know you’ll feel something. Let me know in the comments.

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Daily struggles and sleepless nights,
These form part of an artist’s life.
A never-ending duel between dreams and self-doubt.
Battles with one’s own mind are those of the worst kind.

Of all your inner demons,
Self-doubt always seems to hit the hardest.
As she tells you your dream could never come true
In an attempt to convince you to simply disregard it.

But if your dream should hold on long enough in a fight,
Then you would eventually come to your greatest realization.
That art is not merely entertainment but in itself creation.
Creation of worlds for others and self to get lost in.

Realize that art is escape, art is hope, art is peace.
A piece of one’s soul given to appease another’s heart
Who would seek peace of mind from their own personal fight.
And that art is use of one’s body with which you would reach another’s soul.

Realize that art exists in order to make life whole.
That even in doubt, art should flourish.
That art is freedom and you, in that moment, are liberator.
That art in itself is purpose and you, creator.



I write about love a lot.
About this idealistic, hopeless romantic type of love.
But I’m learning that love isn’t what I thought it’d be,
What I’d like it to be.

I’m learning that love is two people and not just the one.
Which means two different ideas of love and not just mine.
I’m learning I have to learn to love others the way the need to be loved.
And that’s hard to do in a world where we chase our own fairy tale endings
In a world where we all try to impose our own understanding.

I’m learning that love is hard;
That to love can feel sad;
That good love takes time and good timing;
That sometimes it could be blinding;
That love is also heartbreak;

That it can be too much for some
And not enough for others;
That love is a balance
With the need for acceptance on one end
And fear of rejection on the other.

Ivan Irakoze – Last Friday Night


I performed my piece, ‘Last Friday Night’ at Ink Overflow’s show on June 16th. Check it out!

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